The range and content of complaints constitutes – both in follow-up of individual cases and in overall analysis – an important part of the school’s quality development for both school leadership and its board of directors.  The school has written routines for complaints that are distributed to all affected parties.  These contain information about the school’s internal division of responsibilities for how complaints are received, investigated and solved on the department level, leadership level and ultimately by the school directors.  In the same document there is information on how and when students, caregivers or outsiders will receive feedback on their complaints.


Information on how complaints are handled is available via the following:

- The school’s homepage: http://www.metapontum.se/gym/

- On the school’s intranet, School Soft.

- Communicated verbally to students at the start of every term together with caregivers when the student begins at the school and at parent meetings each term.

- Is posted outside the school’s office that also provides complaint forms and answers to questions.

Routines for Complaints – Info to Students and Caregivers:

- If there is something you are dissatisfied with or which doesn’t meet your expectations, you should first turn to the appropriate mentor/classroom teacher or recreation (fritids) instructor.

- If you do not receive help from them, you should speak with the school’s head teacher who has chief responsibility for the school.  If you are uncertain as to what you can require of the school you can read more about it on the School Inspections homepage: http://www.skolinspktionen.se/sv/Anmalningar/vad-kan-du-krava-av-skolan/

- If you are not satisfied with the answer you received after contact with the department teachers and the school leadership, you may then send a written complaint to the school’s directors by filling in the form Anmälan om klagomål.  Send or turn this in the school’s head teacher, either directly or via the school office.  Your case should, according to law, concern complaints about education or a report of discrimination or offensive behaviour.  However, we accept all types of opinions or complaints and all are handled without delay.  Your complaint is registered with the date of receipt.

- The school’s head teacher immediately sends a copy of your complaint to the board’s representative and begins an investigation (additional fact gathering, documentation, meeting with affected parties), and suggests adequate solutions.  The head teacher gets back to you as soon as possible; at the latest within 10 working days from the time your case was registered (this time is needed considering the concerned parties’ possible absences and cases’ different levels of complexity).

- At the same time, the board of directors is informed of the results of the investigation and which actions have been taken.  The school’s board of directors reviews these results and comes to an independent decision, which you are informed of within 5 days after the head teacher’s report has come in.

If you are not satisfied with this decision you are invited to contact School Inspection



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